Tips on Getting Pregnant Quickly and Successfully

Trying To Get Pregnant or Trying To Conceive can really be a chore! It's not fun at all... the continous frustration and stress!

Or even worse... you're on your two weeks wait then suddenly Aunt Flow (Menstration) shows her ugly face!!

I understand what and how you're going through! I've been there!

My TTC Success Story:

I started TTCing when I was 23. At first, I thought TTC would be an easy thing - just have sex on the right days and tada! Pregnant!
Well, I was SO wrong!

My DH (Dear hubby/husband) TCCed for the next 7-months but there was NO success! I was very frustrated! I begin to join TTC forums and even participate actively in the Trying To Conceive section in Yahoo Answers. Then I learn about ovulation charting and such.

I read a lot on "how to chart ovulation calender correctly", used ovulation calculator and such. But unfortunately, I still fail to get pregnant! It was then 10-months of trying.

My DH was quite insensitive then... he would say things like "Get pregnant now, hunny!" or "When will you get pregnant? Jeez.. it's been nearly a YEAR!!" Not only that, my relatives started to question me even! But fortunately, they later understand what I was going through.

So after 15-months (or 1 Year and 3 months) of trying, I decided to consult a gynecologist. I was prescribed fertility medications.

I tried Clomid, Femera, Fertilaid, Fertility Blend and such... but it still didn't help! It was already 2-3 years then but I still wasn't able to get pregnant! I was frustrated and very stressed about it... my marriage was going through the toughest time at that time because of that matter.

So yeah.. I spent a few thousands of dollars over fertility medications and fertility books (e.g: taking charge of your fertility), but it still didn't help!

Then finally...

The TTC forum I was at was having a rave about a particular book. TTC ladies who were having PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or ovary cysts), Endometriosis, Uterine Fibroids, Tubal Obstruction were having success with it. Even ladies who are TTCing at their late 30's or 40's were having success with it.

Seeing it as my only last hope, I gave it a try...

And after nearly 3-4 years of frustration trying to conceive, I was finally pregnant! I simply followed the steps in the book and successfully got pregnant in just a month later!

As a matter of fact, I have 3 children now!

I have written several TTC articles excerted from the book for you. I hope it will give you some insights.

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